NavGate Technologies is a leader in developing technology & delivering innovative tools that help individuals, families, & employers with any kind of wellness or care-related issues.

About NavGate® Technologies

NavGate® Technologies (NavGate®) is a division of CareQuest, Inc. NavGate designs and develops web-based and cloud applications for prevention, early detection, wellness, healthcare, and care-planning initiatives- for employers, professionals and consumers. Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, NavGate®, CareQuest, and its principals, have provided care-planning data, services and educational programs since 1985.

NavGate®’s award-winning system is CareOptions OnLine (COOL). Simply referred to as CareOptions®, it is a powerful, interactive, first-ever Family Healthcare and Wellness Advisor, which provides robust and extremely valuable resources and tools for prevention, early detection, wellness, caregiving and healthcare for the entire family. CareOptions makes NavGate the national leader in providing the largest knowledgebase of care resources, with over 2.5 million provider listings and resources, interactive and proactive healthcare and caregiving planning tools, and education and solutions for the entire family - from adulthood through end-of-life. NavGate maintains, updates and continually adds to CareOptions' proprietary knowledgebase, making it the pioneer and number one go-to-source for everything care related online today.

brandSMART®, the distribution system that powers CareOptions, offers an easy and efficient way to distribute CareOptions memberships to your prospects and clients. More importantly, it provides an extremely powerful branding and relationship marketing system that provides endless exposure to help build your brand and name recognition, and establish and maintain rapport, loyalty and referrals from your prospects and customers.

Unlike most others, our programs and services are completely unbiased – NO advertisers and NO paid provider listings.

And with the success of our CareOptions Analytics™ Program - CAP™ , many professionals in various industries now have compelling ways to demonstrate care planning and financial solutions, and guide their clients in ways that are personalized, meaningful, and create urgency to take action.

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