Now you can provide your customers, prospects, groups and their family members with helpful tools, resources and information on health, wellness, care planning, prevention, health reform and more – all with a new Family Healthcare Advisory Program called CareOptions®. It’s a valuable benefit that families can use as their total health and wellness hub throughout their entire lifetime.

As an exclusive member program that’s the only one of its kind, CareOptions is the most extensive, cloud-accessed, care resource system available today. Your customers, prospects and groups will thank you for it!


YES! In fact, CareOptions has an astounding 80% user session utilization rate versus the 5-15% average for other types of online assistance programs. Plus, the monthly CareOptions email that automatically gets sent to your audience on your behalf has an open rate that doubles any industry average


  • Save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on special forms, agreements and documents.
  • Locate and get background information for care providers anywhere in the U.S.
  • Find reliable information for thousands of health issues. Unlike other systems, no service provider pays to be listed in CareOptions, and there are no advertisers so all information is completely unbiased!
  • Search for hospitals and medical facilities nationwide, complete with patient feedback ratings.
  • Take interactive health and wellness assessments for early detection.
  • Create a Living Will (Advance Directive for Healthcare).
  • Create a Power of Attorney for Healthcare.
  • Create a Care-Alert® ID to help protect loved ones.
  • Use CareOptions’ proprietary cost evaluators to determine the cost of long-term care and estimate personal financial losses due to a disability, illness or a need to quit or reduce work to assume caregiving responsibilities. The outcomes are astounding!
  • Get direct online access to your company's products, services and resources with optional customized apps.
  • And much more!

The Best Way to Expand Your Market

Just think: What type of service-benefit could you afford to offer that would be most effective in helping to build loyalty and referrals among your customers, capture and nurture prospects, turn prospects into customers and increase your revenue? More useless discount cards? More “value-added” free stuff? Another email or newsletter? Or the meaningful, valuable, lasting benefit of CareOptions?

It doesn’t matter what type of product or service you offer because all of your prospects and customers will find CareOptions valuable and relevant, especially in today’s health reform era. Plus, CareOptions is free of ads, banners and pop-ups so nothing will distract your customer or prospect away from CareOptions, and away from your company branding, which is on every page of the system.

CareOptions expands and enhances your service and continues working all on its own, even when you’re not.

If provided as an employee benefit, CareOptions helps employers address the lost-productivity effects of employees dealing with caregiving issues by reducing the employees’ lost income and the employer’s cost of lost productivity

For more information on CareOptions and why it is the best of the best, click here for a brochure on our award-winning system.

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