In today’s budget-tightening economic climate, features, benefits and emotional presentations aren’t meaningful if you can’t relate them to your prospects and client’s specific personal financial situation - and their needs. Now with CAP™, you can!

CareOptions Analytics™ Program- CAP

CareOptions Analytics™ Program- CAP™- is a tactical software application that powerfully demonstrates and illustrates the costs associated with countless variations of client-specific short & long term disability, accident, illness, caregiving, and long-term care related issues. CAP™ provides a wide-array of solutions for your individual or group clients.

CAP™ is easily loaded on your laptop or PC, and with the exception of activation and quarterly updates, requires no internet connection to fully operate. It’s completely portable and can be used anywhere!

CAP™ consists of intelligent programs that will compute and illustrate:

  • Cost of Care by Region
  • Comparison of Care Costs by Region
  • Progression of Care
  • Family Care Costs
  • Income Reductions
  • Loss of Income
  • Income Replacement
  • Retirement Planning
  • Employer Costs of Lost Productivity
  • CareOptions™ Solutions

CAP™ does all of this without the need to research or look-up cost data, interest or inflation information – this is all built in, and kept up-to-date for you – specific to every region in the US!

What Can CAP™ Do for You? CAP™ provides robust functions that act as compelling personal calls to action for your prospects & clients:

  • Zeros-in on the “need” with your prospects and clients own numbers and presents an accurate financial outcome
  • Establishes instant credibility
  • Educates your prospects and clients with detailed information presented in a way they have never seen before
  • Spotlights the need for preservation and protection of personal assets and income
  • Inspires an immediate and critical need for your services, insurance and/or financial products
  • Illuminates professional distinctiveness in a market lacking noteworthy differentiation

CAP™ is both user-friendly, yet sophisticated software that provides all the information YOU need with minimal user input. CAP™ contains all the data needed for results ranging from simple to highly customized. Anyone can use CAP™ with ease, and you can tailor your assumptions to be as detailed as you like.

Each CAP™ program permits you to view, right from your laptop or PC screen, easy-to-understand results, graphs, and reports for every client. These reports can be conveniently saved and emailed, faxed, printed, sent to your clients, or used as an on-the-spot visual aid. Demonstrate these appealing visuals in seminars and group settings for an attention- grabbing, professional presentation.

View the CAP™ brochure here!

CAP™ Case Studies

See the powerful functions of each specific program within CAP™. Click on the scenarios below- they demonstrate each program’s usefulness in a variety of everyday situations, and related to various professional roles. Read them all to see the power of CAP™ for ANY financial care situation!

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Read More Are you an Eldercare Attorney, Financial Planner, Investment Counselor, Workplace Marketer, or consult in long-term care financial planning? “Financial Loss Program- Quit Work: The Financial Challenges Associated with Caregiving.”
Read More Do you sell Disability Income, Accident or Critical Illness insurance, or are you a Workplace Marketer or Financial Planner? “Financial Loss Program: The Financial Impact of Disability.”
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Read More Are you a Social Services Professional, Geriatric Social Worker, or assist or consult in care planning? “Cost of Care Program: Care Options for and Elderly Parent.”

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